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2017 Road Home Article

The Madison County Road Department is responsible for maintaining 500 miles of County roads including 200+ subdivison roads as well as the County's Solid Waste operations.

State Takes Back Non-County Roadway Maintenance
We are recieving many questions regarding which State roads the County is no longer maintaining. Here are a list of the roads that are no longer County maintained starting July 1, 2017, but rather are maintained the by the State Highway Garage located on Lexington Road.  If you need to contact the State regarding a State roadway, they can be reached at 859-623-2454.  



US 421 (Battlefield Mem. Highway)

Madison /Jackson Line

KY 876 (Barnes Mill Road)

Barnes Mill Road

US 25 (Lexington Rd.)

Madison/Fayette Line

Caleast Rd


KY 2874 (Peggy Flats)

Moorewood Dr.

KY 595 (Walnut Meadow)

Peggy Flats

US 25 (Southeast of I-75) (Robert R. Martin Bypass)

McCord Lane

KY 2884 (Igo Rd.)

.592 miles N of KY 2884 (Igo Rd.)

John Ballard Rd.

KY 2881 (Caleast)

US 25 (Boonesboro Rd.)

KY 627 (Lexington Rd.)

.745 miles S. of KY 2878 (Colonel Rd.)

KY 2878 (Colonel Rd.)

Menelaus Rd.

Menelaus Rd.

US 25 (Lexington Rd. over interstate)

Simpson Ln.

White Hall Shrine Rd.

KY 627/US 25 (Boonesborough Rd.)

Northgate Dr.

US 25X (Business Route-near Cracker Barrel)

Brassfield/Meadowbrook Rd.

End of State Maintenance


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