2017 Animal Home Article

The Madison County Animal Shelter is the animal enforcement agency for Madison County. This Shelter was established in accordance with the Kentucky Revised Statute and our mission is to provide services that safeguard the public health and safety and to care for the animals in its care.

This shelter will protect the animals in our county from abuse and neglect and provide its citizens with information concerning responsible ownership.

Two full time Animal Control Officers are employed and are empowered to enforce animal cruelty statutes, KRS 258 relating to canines, as well as County canine nuisance and licensing ordinances.

Sheltering Process

  • Canines turned in or picked up which have unknown owners are considered stray; Strays are housed in isolation for five (5) days to give the owners an opportunity to claim them. Fees are involved in reclaiming a canine that is turned in as a stray. After five (5) days unclaimed canines become property of the Madison County Animal Shelter.

  • Adoptable canines turned in by owners and canines belonging to the Madison County Animal Shelter can be adopted Monday - Friday 11:00AM to 4:15PM


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