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Posted 03/29/2021

Madison County will follow the Federal Tax
filing deadline for the 2020 Net Profit Returns


Madison County has 3 separate taxing jurisdictions within it; the Madison County Jurisdiction, Richmond City Jurisdiction and Berea City Jurisdiction. The Madison County Jurisdiction has a 1% Occupational tax for any work conducted outside the Richmond City Jurisdiction and Berea City Jurisdiction; in other words, the Madison County Jurisdiction is defined as areas outside either city limits. You can use our online map to see if the location of any work is considered in the Madison County Jurisdiction. View the Online Map to see if where you are performing work is in the Madison County Jurisdiction, the areas shaded in Green are the Madison County Jurisdiction, the areas shaded in Blue are the Berea Jurisdiction and the areas shaded in Orange are the Richmond Jurisdiction. If your work is performed in out side the Madison County Jurisdiction you need to contact those Jurisdictions separately. 


A Madison County Occupational Tax Account is needed if you are conducting business anywhere in Madison County that is NOT located inside the city limits of Richmond or Berea. Business Licenses and Occupational Tax for the Madison County Jurisdiction are regulated by  Madison County Ordinance 15-01.


To apply, update or file your forms online - Please go the Madison County Occupational Tax Portal


The online method is our preferred method of filing. For best results we suggest using an updated browser and using Firefox or Chrome.  

If for some reason the Occupational Tax Portal is not available, you may mail in the paper copies that you can download below.
Occupational License Tax
Occupational License Tax Reconciliation
Net Profit License Fee Return
Tax Account Application

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