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May 19, 2022
Read the Full Press ReleaseBroadband Press Release Broadband ExpansionMadison County is working in partnership with All Points Broadband to help fund construction of a fiber-to-the-home…

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Report it to Madison County government from this web page. Residents can report problems with pot holes, illegal dumping, animal welfare issues, etc. using this Report a Problem/Request a Service Form. If we don’t know about it, we can’t address the issue!

  • Give it a try. It's an easy way to report issues.
  • Snap a photo of the problem (or just tell us about it with text) and we’ll address the issue.
  • Some problems may fall outside the boundaries of Madison County’s direct jurisdiction (for example, they may be within the jurisdiction of a municipality or state agency).  In that case, we will forward your concern to the correct government organization. 
  • Get updates on what is being done to resolve your reported issue.
  • Include an email address so we can follow up with you on the issue.
  • Emergency: If the issue is a dangerous situation or poses a threat to public safety, call 9-1-1.


2022 Reagan Taylor Judge Executive

Madison County, Kentucky 
Reagan Taylor, Judge Executive

(859) 624-4700

The Judge Executive is the elected official who serves as head of the executive branch of county government. While having no judicial power, the Judge Executive is the chair and voting member of the Fiscal Court.  The Judge Executive serves a four year term and may be re-elected indefinitely.

 Reagan Taylor Biography

Judge Executive Reagan Taylor has served as Judge Executive of Madison County since 2015.  As Judge Executive of one of the fastest growing counties in the Commonwealth, Madison County is a booming County of over 100,000 residents, including 17,000 students from Eastern Kentucky University and Berea College. 

During his time as Judge Executive, Reagan has been instrumental in shepherding various projects to completion including road and bridge projects like the Exit 95 corridor exchange, modernizing the interaction between County government and citizens through technology, and attracting and recruiting top companies to Madison County.

Voted on by his peers in County government, this year, Reagan will serve as President of the Kentucky Association of Counties.  In addition, believing community service is critical to a healthy community, Reagan serves on a variety of local and state boards including Kentucky River Foothills, St. Joseph Hospital, Madison County Health Department, and Madison County Cooperative Extension. 

A lifelong Madison Countian, Judge Taylor started his career as an entrepreneur starting his own construction and real estate company prior to shifting to a career in public service.  Reagan resides in Madison County with his wife, Kelly and their two daughters, Katherine and Natalie. Having felt called to serve in public office, Judge Taylor doesn’t know what the future holds but is committed to doing everything he can to “build a better Madison County.”

2022 Jill Williams Judges Office

Madison County, Kentucky 
Jill Williams, Deputy Judge Executive

(859) 624-4700

Jill Williams was appointed by Judge Executive Reagan Taylor in 2022. Under Kentucky Revised Statute, the County Judge Executive may appoint a Deputy Judge Executive who shall serve at his/her pleasure.

The Deputy Judge may exercise all administrative powers, duties, and responsibilities of the County Judge Executive in his/her absence with exception of presiding over Fiscal Court meetings and performing marriages.


2022 Jill Williams Judges Office

Madison County, Kentucky 
Robyn Fayne, Executive Assistant

(859) 624-4700


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